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As a landscaper, your job is to help people cultivate beautiful yards and lush lawns. The fastest way to create a vibrantly green yard is to lay sod. Having a reputable sod delivery company to buy from is crucial when purchasing high-quality material that will keep your customers happy.

As a landscaper, when you need sod for sale, Thompson Brothers Sod Farms has the best Kentucky Bluegrass sod in Chesterfield, Idaho. We also service Northern Utah – (Morgan County, Weber County, Box Elder, Davis County & Salt Lake County), Southeast Idaho, and parts of Wyoming.

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Dog Laying in Grass
Dog Laying in Grass

Reasons To Use Kentucky Bluegrass

Although there are several types of sod you can choose to use for your customers, Kentucky Bluegrass is the best option due to its hardiness. Not only does this species of grass have a vibrant color, but it also grows well in both hot and cold climates. It will go dormant during cold weather and revive when the temperature rises. Kentucky Bluegrass also has the following advantages:

  • Moderate needs for watering
  • Less required maintenance than other types of grass
  • Easy to mow
  • Roots deeply and spreads quickly to create a lush lawn within weeks
  • Tolerates a variety of temperatures and thrives in mild climates

Benefits of Our Landscaper Sod Delivery Services

We have a minimum order of 2,500 square feet of sod for landscaper orders. We can fill smaller orders, but you must either pick up your order or combine it with another delivery. For any order over the minimum, we deliver 48 x 48-inch pallets stacked with rolls of sod that are easy to install.

Each pallet holds 546 square feet of sod. The sod comes in 84-inch rolls that make installation easy. Instead of painstakingly placing individual pieces of sod, you can roll out the entire length of the yard within a few minutes. Each roll is 16 inches wide, and you can lay seams alongside each other to install multiple rolls in the yard. Our pallets each hold 60 rolls of sod.

Our sod comes with dirt that measures at least half an inch deep. This depth gives the grass plenty of room to take root, so your landscaping jobs have a greater chance of success.

Rolls Of Sod stacked on Pallets


We offer small rolls for easy installation. 

  • Each roll is 16″ wide by 84″ long
  • There are 60 rolls per pallet
  • There is 546 sq ft per pallet

The dirt on our sod is approximately 1/2 to 3/4″ thick. Sod is stacked on a 48″ X 48″ wooden pallet.

*** We will place the pallets around your yard, but will not be responsible for any damage it may cause.


Please call for exact pricing
2,500 sq ft minimum order
*Smaller orders can be picked up from our truck or from another delivery drop

***  Thompson Brothers will place the pallets, but will not be responsible for any damage it may cause.

Providing quality grass is our goal and main priority. For your convenience, we offer morning deliveries.

For more information about our product contact us online or call us at 208-648-0857.  You can also text to 208-604-1473.

Your quality grass starts here!

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If you want to give your customers the vibrant, green yard of their dreams, laying Kentucky Bluegrass sod is the best option. Thompson Brothers Sod Farms carries this type of sod to help you complete jobs quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to place an order for sod.

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