Residential Sod Services in Chesterfield, Idaho

The quickest way to create a lush, green lawn is to lay sod. While there are many types of sod to choose from, Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the most popular options due to its beautiful color and hardiness in a variety of climates. Thompson Brothers Sod Farms provides homeowners of Northern Utah, Southeast Idaho, and parts of Wyoming with the sod delivery they need to develop gorgeous lawns and improve curb appeal.

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Advantages of Sod

Many people use sod to prevent erosion and give their yards vibrant color. A lush lawn instantly upgrades your home’s curb appeal,  and it gives you a nicer view when you look out your window. Some people opt to use grass seed to cultivate pretty lawns, but sod is often preferable because it is fully mature and yields faster results. Instead of waiting for grass seed to sprout, you can lay sod and have a green yard within a few hours. An additional bonus is that sod effectively traps dirt, dust, pollen and other pollutants. If you have sod in your yard, you probably won’t track many pollutants into your home, resulting in less cleaning.

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Steps for Laying Sod

Sod requires less maintenance than seed grass, but it must be installed properly to take root. You must use the following process if you want to install sod in your yard:

  • Prepare the soil: Take a shovel to the soil and use it to break up any clumps of dirt. Loosening the soil is essential for giving the roots from the sod a chance to sink into the ground. While tilling up the soil, you should also remove any weeds to keep them from interfering with sod growth.
  • Fertilize the soil: Use a spreader to apply a light layer of fertilizer to the dirt before installing sod. Fertilization is important for giving the soil the nutrients sod must have to thrive.
  • Install the sod: Lay strips of sod by walking backward to avoid stepping on it. Ideally, you should avoid walking on freshly laid sod for about two weeks or until the root system starts to develop.


We offer small rolls for easy installation. 

  • Each roll is 16″ wide by 84″ long
  • There are 60 rolls per pallet
  • There is 546 sq ft per pallet

The dirt on our sod is approximately 1/2 to 3/4″ thick. Sod is stacked on a 48″ X 48″ wooden pallet.

*** We will place the pallets around your yard, but will not be responsible for any damage it may cause.


Sod –  Call For Pricing
Price depends on quantity and location
Areas that are steep or hard to access will cost more.

Minimum order 3,000 square feet

Pallet fee – Call for pricing
*Pallet fees are refundable if pallets are returned to a pick-up drop and stacked neatly.

Normal delivery lead-time is usually 3 weeks; however, during peak season (May, June, September) can be up to 4 weeks, weekends fill up the quickest.

Payment is due at time of delivery.  We accept cash, personal check, and most credit cards (American Express, Visa, MC, Discover).

We will match or beat most prices.

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If you’re looking for sod for sale in Northern Utah – (Morgan County, Weber County, Box Elder, Davis County & Salt Lake County), Southeast Idaho, or parts of Wyoming, Thompson Brothers Sod Farms is ready to help. We sell rolls of beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass sod that measure 16 inches wide and 84 inches long, so if you want to have a gorgeous, lush yard, contact us today to order the sod you need.
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