Your Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Installation Guide

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When you want a beautiful lawn that will last and feels like carpet on your bare feet, then Kentucky Bluegrass sod is an ideal choice. It is durable in all types of weather and easy to maintain. Thompson Brothers Sod Farm can deliver it to your home and this guide will walk you through the installation process.

Preparing for Kentucky Bluegrass

The initial step is to ensure you remove any existing vegetation where the new sod will lay down to avoid unwanted weeds coming through your new sod application. Make sure that all of the soil is loose to help the new roots grow into the ground. Lightly rake the earth to create a smooth foundation for your new sod.

Applying Fertilizer for Sod Installation

When your sod arrives at your home, it will require plenty of fertilizer to help its new root system develop. Use a starter fertilizer with a spreader to evenly distribute the fertilizer into the soil before laying the sod, ensuring you use the correct amount to avoid burning the grass. It is ok to do this step after laying the sod as long as you water it thoroughly when you finish.

Installing Your Sod

Sod installation should be laid carefully without walking over it while you work. Start in an area that will be easy for you to work toward yourself as you walk backward. Lay the sod down evenly in a brick-like pattern, avoiding gaps or overlaps. If you are placing your sod over a steep slope, lay it out at an angle to keep gravity and excess water from causing unnecessary erosion and extra water collection.

Watering Your Kentucky Bluegrass

During the process of laying your sod, it is crucial to begin watering right away. Begin at the first sprinkler location and continue throughout the sod installation. The turf should be wet at least three to four inches below the surface to get all critical areas of your new lawn saturated. Remember to include the edges and corners of the sod to avoid any spots your sprinklers cannot reach.

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February 2023