Keep Your Bluegrass Sod Beautiful

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The beauty of your newly laid Kentucky bluegrass sod can be the envy of your neighborhood. How do keep the vibrant emerald of your lawn turning your neighbors green for years to come?

Give Your Kentucky Bluegrass a Good Start

The best thing you can do for your new sod is treat it with special care when it’s newly installed. Kentucky bluegrass will be very resilient to your family’s walking, running and playing eventually, but you should stay off of it while it’s getting established. Water your lawn as suggested by your sod company, preferably in the morning. Make sure you don’t let new sod get too dried out; you may see it browning and pulling away at the seams if you do. You won’t be cutting your new lawn right away; when you do, go no shorter than two inches.

Put Good Stuff into Your Kentucky Bluegrass 

Giving your bluegrass lawn what it needs begins with regular watering, and moderate daily irrigation is better than one heavy weekly soaking. Avoid watering in the evening; if your sod stays wet overnight, you’re risking the rise of fungal disease.

Your new sod may not need fertilizer right away. However, unless you have excellent soil, a nitrogen-based fertilizer will ultimately come in handy. If you see your lawn has lost some of its bright color, it may be low on iron. When in doubt, a soil test will tell you exactly what you need.

Keep Bad Things Out of Your Kentucky Bluegrass 

Any good sod maintenance strategy must include a battle plan for fighting pests, diseases and weeds.  Grubs and sod webworms are two common invaders. Purchase an insecticide designed to treat these pests specifically in turf. Pre-emergent weed killer applied early in the spring should prevent most problems, but you’ll want a post-emergent treatment for the weeds that do pop up. Finally, Kentucky Bluegrass benefits from a yearly aeration and de-thatching.

Kentucky bluegrass is the stuff of which dream lawns are made. Contact Thompson Brothers Sod Farm when you’re ready to make your landscape dreams come true.
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March 2023